Business Areas

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- Plan, manage and implement construction projects of housing, urban and resident area, industry, civil, public service, irrigation, post office, transportation, culture and society; bridge, road, port, river stone embankment, electricity work, mine explration;

- Construction and installation of such work as: Civil, industry, urban and rural transportation (water supply and draining, light, etc.), urban technology layer, are of industry, irrigation, post office, gym and sport, entertainment, underground cable route with voltage of 35kv, voltage station of 110kv and transformer station with capacity up to 2500kvA; electric trading for production and consuming;

- Real estate trading activity.



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Handico high quality safe glass factory

- Production and trade of construction materials;

- Transfer construction technology and produce construction materials;



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- Consulting investment and construction for demestic and foreign investors in Vietnam in the following phases: supply information of documents violating the Law and policy; plan for investment projects, design servey, tender of investment and development project, work; consult and service for site clearance; make the map of terrain, land servey; measure and make programming of investment and development project of are of industry, electricity, transportation and irrigation;

- Trading, exporting and importing goods, materials, machines, equipments serving for construction;

- Investment , construction, trading of underground , surface, high – right packing area;

- Trading housing, hotel, tourism, entertainment, labour, export, transportation and road;

- Trading and general service;

- Training and vocational education;

- Land servey and report land servey, hydrogeology; drilling for exploiting underground water for construction of urban works, industrial, civil construction, settling and controlling foundation’s quality;

- Surveying and measuring construction works; making diagam of land, geography; making programming of investment and development of urban layer, industry, electricity, transportation, hydraulic power;

- Serveying, designing technical treatment lines of underground water, serface water, industrial and living waste water; surveying and assessing effect of invironment;

- Designing, installing, maintaining machines, equipments using liquid gas and refrigeration speciality; charging bottle of liuid gas, trading liquid gas, trading exporting and importing materials, equipments for liquid gas speciality;

- Producing, trading, exporting and importing gas cooke, heater using gas and the other products belonging ti refrigeration; building and constructing strations, basins, liones and equipments using gas, oil petrol,etc.

HANDICO striving to become one of the economic organizations leading market share in the country.